Land and Sea, Inc® was founded, by its current owners, over 40 years ago.
“The company remains a privately held New Hampshire corporation, devoted exclusively to manufacturing DYNOmite™* Dynamometer systems for a wide range of high performance and industrial applications.”

DYNO-mite Dynamometer


The National Tractor Pullers Association was established in 1969 by representatives from eight states (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Pennsylvania). These representatives met to establish uniform rules and give the sport structure. From these meetings, the NTPA was started. The year 2008 marks 39 years in the business as the premier sanctioning body of truck and tractor pulling.

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SuperFlow Logo

SuperFlow® made its name in the performance industry after introducing the first production flowbench, the SF-110, in 1972. We didn‘t stop there, by the early 1980‘s we had designed the first computerized engine dynamometer followed shortly by WinDyn®, the first Windows® based dyno software in the early 90‘s. Today WinDyn® is the most powerful and versatile data acquisition system in the world used on all Axiline®, Hicklin®, and SuperFlow® dynamometers, and we receive frequent requests to upgrade our competitors‘ equipment with WinDyn®.

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Ross Racing Pistons Logo

Drawing on over 30 years of piston design and manufacturing for all forms of motor sports, ROSS Racing Pistons has met the continual need for the most advanced forged pistons in the racing industry

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. Utilizing some of the most sophisticated design and analysis software, along with ultra modern CNC machining centers, ROSS has developed a dedicated line of forgings.

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Cen-pe-co logo

Cen-Pe-Co offers a wide range of paraffin based specialty oils that can greatly improve the performance and durability of your engine and equipment. Cen-Pe-Co has been providing its customers with superior lubricants since 1911. From trucks, tractors, and heavy equipment, to racing engines Cen-Pe-Co provides people with what they need for maximum performance and protection. Reducing bottom line expenses.

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Official Website of the OSTPA Pulling Circuit “Heaviest Motorsport on Wheels”.

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Interstate Truck & Tractor Pullers Logo

The Interstate Schedule is being updated for the 2013 season. The tentative schedule is on the right above the 2012 schedule. Please look it over and call or email me with corrections. My phone number is 304-433-8533. My email is Work phone number is 304-725-5113.

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